Why Dental Implants Last So Long

Many people think when they are going to get a fake tooth put into their mouth, it is going to come out after a few years. Or they worry they will somehow have to get it repaired. The truth is that it all depends on the option you choose. If you go for something such as a crown that does not have any root, you are going to have trouble. If you go for dentures, they will need repairing often. But something like a dental implant is much better.

When you go with dental implants, you are getting the best possible tooth replacement. The tooth implant process riverdale is extensive for a reason. When you get an implant, you are not just getting a fake tooth. You go through a small surgical procedure that places the implant well into your gums, much as the roots of your teeth go deep inside. This ensures that you have a stable base, while it also keeps your gums and nearby teeth healthier.

Then your dentist is going to place the fake tooth on top, when the underneath portion is properly fitted and healed. That is why your implants are going to last such a long time. When you have dental implants, you can rest easy knowing you have a permanent solution for your fallen tooth.

If you are concerned that someone is going to be able to notice that you have dental implants, do not fear. It is not possible. They are so much like real teeth, and your dentist will ensure the color matches your other teeth too. It means when you talk, smile or laugh, your implant will look like one of your many teeth.

tooth implant process riverdale

That is the reason so many people are willing to pay good money to get dental implants after they lose a tooth.