Cognitive Behavior Therapy – How It Helps And Its Effectiveness

Unlike many therapeutic practices, Cognitive Behavior Therapy focuses on the present through an active approach to self-depreciative fluctuating thoughts. The past does not get roped in at any point in time. All the focus lies in identifying, realizing, and exploring your emotions and train of thoughts that influence your actions.

In what ways is CBT helpful?

As a treatment approach, CBT gets utilized by behavioral therapists colorado springs in addressing multiple mental health conditions. However, the benefits of CBT also apply to general life situations. A few fields of improvement that CBT specializes in include:

·    PTSD

·    Depression

·    Relationship issues

·    OCD

·    Anxiety and Stress

·    Grief or immense chronic pain issues

CBT targets all core concepts of life, challenging them to undergo necessary changes where required. The treatment helps you identify your thoughts and actions. It also enables you to objectively perceive your situation and address the negative patterns in your daily life.

How effective is CBT?

Cognitive Behavior Therapy seeks out the source of negativity and rectifies it as much as possible to prevent future relapses. In this regard, the CBT approach is aptly considered a gold standard in psychotherapy.

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The treatment allows a person to connect with themselves on an intimate level bringing forth the good and the bad. A calculated and slow exposure to the distress situations, with cognitive restructuring incorporated into the process, aid a positive development.

If numbers and statistics are involved, then according to multiple studies and reviews of CBT conducted over the years, the figures are as follows.

·    In the treatment of PTSD, OCD, and Anxiety, CBT tests proved highly effective for OCD, stress, and anxiety.

·    In the treatment of anxiety in young individuals, CBT proves to be a better long-term approach.

·    In the treatment of individuals suffering from substance abuse, CBT proves to be a competent determent tool, aiding coping with addiction.


Cognitive Behavior Therapy is only as helpful as you are willing to let it be. This treatment is not a cure for your troubles, and it is not always a pleasant experience. However, give the approach adequate time to undo your years-worth of negative patterns. Put in your effort and go with the flow, merely seeking a better day every day.