Natural Mosquito Repellents for Your Home

Many mosquito repellents are available for purchase to help combat this common summertime pest. Coils, sprays, candles, and other chemical-based products protect against mosquitoes, but may come at a cost. These products oftentimes cause harmful effects to the environment. Others may not be safe for pets or may pose risks to people with certain health conditions. Natural repellents are the solution.

There are many natural solutions for mosquito control. Professionals offer natural mosquito control new iberia options for those who prefer more environmentally-friendly, safer and non-toxic options. Consider any of the following solutions for ticks until the professionals arrive on the scene.

Mosquito Nets

mosquito control new iberia

Mosquito nets prevent the pest from entering the home, a common problem that many people in the Iberia area experience. A mosquito net is affordable and easy to find just about at any retailer. There are many styles of mosquito nets available as well, fitting any window size in the home.


Camphor is a long-used home remedy that helps combat many different issues. One of those issues is tick control. You will notice far fewer pests in and near the home once you purchase a few camphor balls or other products. Follow instructions on the package to ensure the best results.


Basil is a sacred plant in its native India. People in this country often worship basil. In the United States, however, basil is used in cooking and now, to keep your home free of ticks. In fact, basil prevents mosquitoes from laying larvae!


Garlic not only wards off vampires, but also ticks so make sure to keep some available in the home. This vegetable has a potent smell as most people know. That smell deters mosquitoes away and keeps the home safe.